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Welcome to the archive of documents
used in our educational courses.

Updated Dec 4, 2012

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Please download whatever you need from among these notes and articles. They are posted as PDF (portable document format) files. To read them, you will need Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader. Please note: these PDFs may take up to several minutes to download, depending upon your internet connection speed.

Blueprints: Exploring the Origins of Redemption in The Pentateuch
    A BC to AD Series
Blue Prints

Claiming The Land: Spiritual Warfare in the Bible’s History Books
A BC to AD Series

The Day of the Lord: Understanding Our Destiny In The Service of Jesus

Foundation Stones: Life Principles from the Bible’s Poetry Books
A BC to AD Series 

Polishing Our Hermeneutical Glasses (Interpreting The Bible)

Please click the heading above for a complete list of documents used in our introduction to hermeneutics.

Plumb Lines: Preparing for the Future with The Bible’s Prophecy Books
A BC to AD Series

The Household of God: Discovering Our Spiritual Family in the New TestamentBar Kochba Coin
       A BC to AD Series 

Advancing The Kingdom In The Age of The Spirit: A Group Study On The Book of acts

In & Out Of Babylon: Unveiling God’s Power and Agenda in the Life and Prophecies of Daniel

Introduction To Biblical Language: Greek & Hebrew!


The Mustard Seed Story
    A BC to AD Series
Click on the Mustard Seed Story title above to go to an archive of class syllabus materials.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Empty Tomb
Shouting Stones: Archaeology and the Gospels

Promotional Brochure: 6 small pages, 152k.
Archaeological Maps: 10 pages, 924k.
Glossary of Terms relating to Archaeology and the Gospels: 8 pages, 156k.

Spiritual Warfare: Job One!
Please click the heading above for a complete list of documents used in our course on Spiritual Warfare.

THE THEO Discussion

An interactive group experience designed to address the seven ultimate questions.

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