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Welcome our library of documents
relating to our Day of the Lord course.

Updated Dec 2, 2005

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Day of the Lord

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  The Day of The Lord

Understanding Our Destiny
In The Service of Jesus


Section B: Work Sheets and Study Notes: 14 pages, 316k. These are the pages we will fill-in and take notes on in class. Download this section for lessons 1 through 6.

Day of the Lord Cover: 1 page, 688k, for use in  view binder.

Related Articles and Materials

The Day of the Lord Crossword Puzzle #1: Just for fun, 1 page, 28k. Have your bible and internet connection handy to solve this puzzle! See the solution here.

The Day of the Lord Crossword Puzzle #2: Just for fun, 1 page, 28k. Extra credit if you can read the Hebrew in the black squares! See the solution here.

Making The Invisible Visible: An Introduction to The Distinctives of Hebraic Thought and Their Implications for Interpreting The Bible. 19 pages, 428k. This is a technical paper, but highly recommended.

Polishing Our Hermeneutical Glasses: 21 Principles For Interpreting The Bible. 35 pages, 433k. Highly recommended!

The Mahdi
Hijacked Messiah by Ron Cantrell This is the only book currently sounding the alarm about the coming Islamic Mahdi. Order it from the Cantrells’ website, Jerusalem Update.


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