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Welcome to a list of our Services.

Updated Apr 28, 2010

All our services are offered free of charge, as explained in our financial policy. Persons interested in any of these services should e-mail the director. Here's what we provide:

Thinking! Adult Education Support. We provide original, adult courses on Church History, the Bible and related subjects. (We also assist with existing local programs.) Our own courses run from 5 to 48 sessions, but in some cases can be condensed into a shorter seminar. Please see the full listing of the courses we offer.

Loving Leaders  Leadership Mentoring. Schedule permitting, the Timothy Ministries staff provides mentoring to pastors and other spiritual leaders in a one-on-one or small-group format. These mentoring relationships are uniquely tailored to each participant.

i2i Iron To Iron ( I 2 I ). This is a new service in which churches help churches sharpen one-another’s ministries. Timothy Ministries is working with area pastors to make this service available to churches who wish to achieve a new level of corporate fruitfulness.

Missionary Support  Missionary Support. The Timothy Ministries staff will travel, subject to the discretion of our Board, in order to help missionaries on the field with short-term teaching, preaching or counseling -- or to provide personal encouragement to the missionary staff.

Family  Family Support. As time permits, we spend time with individual families who need help and encouragement in their spiritual growth. As with all our services, family support is provided only with the full consent and under the authority of the family’s own pastoral staff.

Prayer  Prayer For Healing. When called upon, the Timothy Ministries staff will endeavor to gather local church elders to intercede for the sick who call for prayer according to James 5.14 . Normally, this service is performed by the sick person’s own church elders or pastors, but occasionally it is appropriate for additional spiritual leaders to join with the person’s own pastors and intercede in concert with them.

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