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Updated Dec 9, 2017

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Timothy Ministries News & Insight - November 20176
    Reflections On The Gospel.

Praying Across America
    The Gracianos’ road trip to Washington DC and backl.

Latest Audio Messages Presented At PFC
   The Pursuit Of Righteousness: What It Really Means To "Put On Christ."

Timothy Ministries News & Insight - January 2016
    The Creation Conversation.

Timothy Ministries News & Insight - September 2015
    Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

Timothy Ministries News & Insight - July 2015
    The Armor Of God; Medical Evangelism.

Timothy Ministries News & Insight - May 2015
    The Unexpected In The Raising Of Lazarus; A Theology of the Bride?

Timothy Ministries News & Insight - March 2015
    Bible Prophecy and The Caliphate; John Didn’t Invent Baptism.

Timothy Ministries News - February 2015
   The latest on Rachel & Mikhael, and on Rod’s book about baptism.

Roderick Graciano has finished his book entitled Alien Righteousness? and it can be freely download from our website as a pdf file or as a Logos® Bible Software-compatible file. Please see our new Books page!


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