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Updated Jan 15, 2015
righteous bride


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Please download the book and whatever else you need from among the files listed below. For the Logos®-compatible file you will need to own Logos Bible Software®, version 4 or later. For the PDF (portable document format) files, you will need Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader. Thank you for your interest in Roderick’s book.

Alien Righteousness?

By Roderick GracianoAR Cover

This is the third book of Rod’s theological trilogy. You can download it now! This book affirms that we are righteous in Christ, but re-examines some common assumptions about how our justification works: When Christ redeems us, are we truly righteous or only “thought of as righteous”? If we are truly righteous, is our righteousness our own or someone else’s? Once we are righteous, do our actions, good or bad, make any difference in our relationship with God?


Alien Righteousness? (PDF version, 185 pages, 9mb)
Please note: The blue “links” are not live in this version, but only indicate terms that appear in the Glossary and Biographical Notes. These links are live in the Logos®-compatible version. Thank you for your interest in this important subject. Please report typos and other errors to tmin_admin@tmin.org.

Alien Righteousness? (Logos®-Compatible version)
The following documents can be imported to Logos 4 Bible Software, using the Personal Books Tool.

Alien Righteousness? Body File
This is the main “body file” to save on your hard drive and import to your Logos Bible Software® by using the Personal Books tool.

Alien Righteousness? Cover
This is the jpg file to save on your hard drive and select to change the cover graphic in the Logos Personal Books tool book builder dialogue.

Instructions For Importing This Book To Your Logos® Software
Please download this pdf file and follow the instructions for adding the book Alien Righteousness? to your Logos® library.

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