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Welcome to the archive of documents for
THE THEO Discussion.

Updated Nov 4, 2011


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Please download whatever you need from among these notes and articles. They are posted as PDF (portable document format) files. To read them, you will need Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader. Please note: these PDFs may take up to several minutes to download, depending upon your internet connection speed.


An interactive group experience
designed to address the seven ultimate questions.


If you are interested in THE THEO Discussion for your small group, please email our administrator.

Please scroll down for syllabus materials!

THE THEO Discussion Syllabus Sections
Section A: Introducing The Ultimate Questions
Updated! 10 pages, 459k.

Section B: Discussion Work Sheets
Please download this section and read the directions on page 1 before printing and hole-punching.

Section C: Supplementary Materials
Updated! Articles and diagrams to inform our in-class discussion. Currently 16 pages, 719k.

Section D: THE THEO Discussion Glossary

Updated! Please download and peruse this section. Currently 15 pages, 290k.

Section E: Reccomended Reading & Resources List
This section will be available shortly.

Section F: Discussion Flowcharts
Updated! Documentation of the complete first cycle of classroom discussions. 15 pages, 370 k.

Section S: Syllabus Section Dividers
This section is not yet available.

Supplementary Stand-Alone Articles

Is Morality Relative?
Tabitha Thiemens draws arguments from an array of sources to shred the moral relativism of our day and point us to the only possible source of morality (9 pages, 658k).

The Cityward Mind Of God
A manifesto for city transformation, this 35-page treatise provides the biblical basis for going beyond traaditional evangelism and interacting with our neighbors in pursuit of cultural change (2.6 mb: please be patient while this large file downloads).

Polishing Our Hermeneutical Glasses
An introduction to biblical hermeneutics (interpreting the Bible), this study presents 21 principles for interpreting Scripture. We highly recommend this document for students of the Scriptures. (35 pages (18 if duplex printed), 436k.)


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