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Welcome to a description of
the BC to AD Course.

Updated Feb 11, 2010


Download the BC to AD color brochure (PDF):

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In 2010,
BC2AD will be offered on Tuesday evenings,
7:00 p.m., at
Grace Community Church,
1320 Auburn Way S
Auburn, WA 98002.

Visitors welcome!

schedule of topics
for 2010

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BC2AD is coming!
BC to AD
is a 48-week study of the Bible and Christian history, presented in weekly 90-minute sessions. BC to AD runs from January to December, and is divided into four 12-week modules. Modules 1 and 2 present an overview of the entire Old Testament. Module 3 presents the essential background and key messages of the New Testament. The final 12-week module, The Mustard Seed Story, provides an overview of Christianity’s dramatic struggle and development during the last 2,000 years.

Why study the Bible and Christianity in a 48-week format?
       BC to AD intentionally moves very quickly to provide students with a “big picture” perspective on the Bible and Christianity. Many Christians have pieces of biblical and theological knowledge without necessarily having an overall philosophical and theological frameworkThe Framework within which to fit those pieces of truth. BC to AD is designed to help build the missing framework. Our goal is to help students begin to “connect their Christian dots,” i.e., to begin forming cognitive connections between the pieces of biblical and theological knowledge they already have.

Doesn’t such a rapid study result in shallow content?
The content of BC to AD is wide-ranging, but not shallow. Nevertheless, this course cannot explore some topics as thoroughly as one might wish. Therefore, as students register their interest, the
BC to AD course will be supplemented by concentrated Saturday Seminars on select topics. Available Saturday Seminars include:

The Revelation: Seeing Jesus in the Apocalypse

The Book of Job: The Bible’s Spiritual Warfare Manual
The Gospels: Insights and Evidence from Archaeology

Furthermore, Encounering the NTBC to AD utilizes excellent college-level textbooks and weekly reading assignments to insure that students receive as much pertinent information on our topics as possible.

What are some specific topics covered in the BC to AD class sessions?
Class sessions are informal with lots of opportunity for questions and group interaction. Please download our brochure to see a list of specific topics we discuss. You may also download the course syllabus.

What if I can’t commit to attending the course for the whole year?
      BC to AD is designed for busy students. We only ask participants to commit to a single 12-week module at a time. There is only one session to attend each week, and the only homework is the background reading assignment in our textbook and the challenge to read through the Bible itself as we go along.

Who teaches BC to AD?
Roderick Graciano of Timothy Ministries oversees this course and serves as the primary instructor. However, various gifted teachers from the Puget Sound region participate as guest instructors.

What are the instructors’ doctrinal beliefs?
BC to AD is designed for a cross-denominational evangelical audience. Our instructors subscribe to the Timothy Ministries doctrinal statement.

What’s it going to cost me?
BC to AD is presented free of charge. For further information, please visit our Registration Page.

Speaking of instructors, what if I’m interested in developing my teaching skills?
Teacher training is integral to the BC to AD project. Participants in the course who wish to sharpen their teaching skills will be invited to a weekly 25-minute Iron2Iron discussion before or after the BC to AD regular session. During the 48 weeks of the presentation, Roderick Graciano and others will share 50 Tips For The Christian Teacher. Iron2Iron  participants who are particularly drawn to the BC to AD vision will be invited to guest-teach specific units in the next annual cycle of BC to AD.

How can I register or get further information about BC to AD?

Please visit our Registration Page!

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