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Meet the instructor.

Updated Feb 28, 2017

Roderick & Foil
Roderick Graciano is an ordained pastor and the director of Timothy Ministries. He oversees the BC2AD course and teaches various other courses, including The Revelation of Jesus Christ. He also enjoys instructing in the Anthem program in Olympia and leading the Biblical Languages Fellowship in Parkland. Besides teaching and writing, Roderick is dedicated to the vision of city transformation, and hopes to prayerfully walk every street of his city of Tacoma. (And yes, he does fence and play tennis when he gets the chance.)

Married since 1974, Roderick and his wife Kaaren have three daughters, two sons-in-law, and eight grandchildren.

While Roderick has studied in the seminary environment, the greater part of his biblical and ministerial training has come through personal mentors. Please see more about Roderick’s spiritual journey on his Bio Page.

A man who “feels God’s pleasure” when he teaches, Roderick believes that biblical teaching is much more than a transfer of information. He endeavors to “share life” by connecting the biblical principles in his lessons to the real challenges faced by a contemporary audience — and by sharing the personal insights learned through the failures and successes of his own life.

Roderick makes all of his teaching services available free of charge, and subscribes to the Timothy Ministries Doctrinal Statement.

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