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Welcome to our library of documents
used in The Mustard Seed Story.

Updated Jan 17, 2012
Understanding ourselves.

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Mustard Seed Story Brochure
Please enjoy our color brochure describing the 4th module of BC2AD.


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The Mustard Seed Story
Instructor Roderick Graciano presents the story of Christianity, covering the 2,000 years from the apostolic era to the present. This popular and practical 13-week course is the 4th module of BC2AD, but is also offered as a stand-alone course.

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Please enjoy our color brochure describing the 4th module of BC2AD.

Roderick teaches BC2AD Class Schedule
The Mustard Seed Story begins January 12th, 2012, at Beit Hallel in University Place. Please phone 253-761-9524 for further information.

Section A: Introductory Material
4 pages, 118k.

Section B: Class Work Sheets
26 pages, 3.4MB.

Section C: The Christian Centuries Time Line
Updated! 20 pages, 1.2mb.

Section D: Ancient Documents
Read from their own writings what early Christians thought about prophets and prophecy, and about laying down their lives in the arena. 40 pages, 765k.

Shepherd, Linda and EddieSection E: Charts & Articles
Updated! See the artistic symbols that have been adopted for each of the apostles. Read a historical summary of Christianity’s involvement with spiritual gifts through the ages. See a quick reference list on early sects and cults. These items and much more are in this section! 70 pages, 2.3mb.

Section F: Books and Other Resources
A bibliography or works and resources used in the background research for The Mustard Seed Story. 14 pages, 627k.

Section G: Glossary for Mustard Seed Story
Updated! A Glossary of terms used in the Mustard Seed Story module. 10 pages, 560k.

Section H: Reading Assignments
This section provides reading assignments pertaining to The Story of Christianity by Justo González, and also describes the term paper assignment for this course.

Section S: Syllabus Section Dividers
A set of two-sided pages that serve as section dividers for organizing your Mustard Seed Story syllabus. These 18 pages include a front cover and a title strip to slip in the front and spine of a view binder. 172k.

Section TOC: Table of Contents
Updated for 2011. A table of contents for your Mustard Seed Story syllabus. 2 pages, 475k.

Pudens’s Ring
A short story (historical fiction) illustrating how the early Christians died with purpose. 5 pages, 146k.

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