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Welcome to documents for
our Biblical Greek study of Genesis.

Updated Aug 17, 2016


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Please download whatever you need from among these notes and articles. They are posted as PDF files. To read them, you will need Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader.


Our Bible Languages Fellowship normally meets every Saturday morning,from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM in Parkland, WA, at the building of Community Life Foursquare, at 612 113th St. S. 98444. Get there easily from the Pacific Ave exit of Hwy 512. Please check our main BLF page for changes in time or location!

We study the Greek Old or NewTestaments (GNT or LXX) on every even Saturday of the month (2nd and 4th), and the Hebrew Old Testament on every odd Saturday of the month (1st, 3rd and 5th).

All are welcome. Beginners will get to read from the Greek or Hebrew Bible on their first visit, using modern Greek or Israeli Hebrew pronunciation. No registration nor purchase of textbooks is required. All can learn at their own pace as we read and discuss the Scriptures together.

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LXX Genesis Study Materials
LXX Genesis Lesson Sheets
Helpful worksheets for our bi-weekly Septuagint Old Testament study. This free pdf file contains Genesis Lesson Sheets 1-16, covering the first three chapters of Genesis.

LXX Genesis Lesson Index
This index will help you find where topics, Greek words, and Scripture references are found in the Lesson Sheets. This index covers Genesis Lesson Sheets 1-16.


Recommended Resources and Related Articles

Wiseman CoverAncient Records and the Structure of Genesis: A Case for Literary Unity
Available on AmazonSmile. A rare and expensive book, but an important key to
understanding the book of Genesis. Highly recommended for anyone intending to teach from the first book of the Bible.

Creation Out of Nothing: A Biblical, Philosophical, and Scientific Exploration
Available on AmazonSmile. Authors Paul Copan and William Lane Craig examine the biblical, philosophical, and scientific case for creation out of nothing. They make it clear that nothing less than the uniqueness and sovereignty of God are at stake. This book will challenge all thoughtful Christians to understand why it is important to believe in the doctrine of creation out of nothing.

Septuagint GrammarGrammar Of Septuagint Greek
This volume is available as one of the resources included in BibleWorks, and is also available on AmazonSmile. A helpful resource for the serious student of the Septuagint. The introduction provides a thorough history of the facts and legends of the Septuagint’s origin.


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