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Welcome to testimonials
for the BC2AD course.

Updated Nov 22, 2009


BC2AD is not your normal survey of the Bible course! Rod selectively chooses central themes from each book and builds on them as we progress through God's Word. The result is a fascinating overview of how the Old and New Testaments compliment each other, where history has been, where it is headed and why!  This is a “must-take” course!  I want to do it again!
— Sally Sternard
Auburn, WA
The single, most important aspect of the BC2AD classes for me, is the way that Rod has genuine care, concern and respect for his students. Each  lesson is stimulating and well researched.
 — James Gunn
Milton, WA

My experience in BC2AD was an amazing one.  Through the summer module I learned so much about who God is and my mind was expanded to think outside of the religious box.

— Nicole Smith
Tacoma, WA

My husband and I are so grateful and blessed that we can participate in BC2AD course. We are not just gaining a lot of knowledge in Bible there but our faith has been also strengthened. It’s also a very challenging course— the questions...really make you think. We really love it!!!
— Simon & Marina Ochman
Olympia, WA

Rob FirmanI looked forward to each class as I knew that the scriptures would be revealed afresh in a relevant and sometimes surprising manner. 
— Rob Firman
Tacoma, WA

LindaI have to say that participating in BC2AD has been an absolute joy, to the point that I have a type of sadness at its ending. It was at times stretching, thought provoking but never boring! Rod is an exceptional teacher, gifted at drawing you into the story of God. I recommend it highly. 
Linda Lauritzen
Tacoma, WA

BC2AD is an overview of the scriptures which I thought might mean a sketchy, skim the surface, kind of exercise. How utterly delighted and surprised I was to find seemingly hidden treasures of truth each week; I didn’t want to miss a one!  Sometimes the entire class was silent as the enormity of God's plan unfolded before our hearts!
— Betty French
Port Orchard, WA

Mike & JackieThere was not a class that Jackie and I attended, [from which] we didn’t walk out, look at each other a go WOW....Your classes were interesting, stimulating and fun for all ages. You did a great job of involving everyone and had an uncanny ability to ... make [the Bible] relevant.
 — Mike Ireland
Gig Harbor, WA

BC2AD offers  intellectual and historical honesty combined with a reverent allowance for the Spirit's direction that is unmatched in my experience as both a consistent church attender and a former Bible college student.
— Fred Stevens
Tacoma, WA

I would just like to say that the TRUTHS presented in BC2AD have CHANGED the way I view the Lord and will continue to do....If you feel it on your heart to participate in this class, I would strongly encourage [you to do] it.

 — Ronnie Halbert
Tacoma, WA

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