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Welcome to a poem honoring William M. Round
 who went home on December 16, 1996.

Updated Jan. 13, 2004
Bill Round
Frail Warrior

In Memory of William M. Round
       Aug. 8, 1931 to Dec. 16, 1996

By Roderick A. Graciano, December 1996

Rest well, William, O Frail Warrior
Wrapped warmly now in Master’s gaze,
Rest well from groaning world unworthy,
    And from uncertainty of days.

Come, inherit, you poor in spirit,
Heart golden still, clay feet now strong;
Your humble soul I saw quite early,
    When you sought counsel of the young.

When in turmoil with one you treasured,
When puzzled by love’s strict demand,
You’d not embrace affection measured,
    You’d strive the more to understand.

Love still brighter you smiled upon us,
Before the chill your strength did whelm;
Thin fingers lifting still the broadsword,
    You’d point us to the unseen realm.

You helped me perceive the battle,
’Gainst the powers of dark’ning day,
They’d tempt me from the war of honor,
    But On! You’d lead me to the fray

We’ll meet soon now, Warrior Frail,
When sky is rent like temple veil,
When mountains cleave at the lightning flash,
When the Name is One and the idols crash,

I will meet you then.

Hail! warrior, freed from sin!
Frail warrior whole again,
I’ll know you, my name etched in your crown,
Embrace you and dance on golden ground,
At the end of our warrior’s path now trod,
You, who taught me
    the Sword of God.

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