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Welcome to a listing of
special articles for pastors.

Updated Mar 24, 2016
Dear Pastor...

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We invite you to read these items of special interest to those ministering in the local church setting. Some of these articles are posted as PDF (portable document format) files. To read them, you will need Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader. Please note: because these PDFs can be relatively large files, they may take up to several minutes to download, depending upon your modem speed.

Pastors, we feel these items will be especially meaningful to you:Pierce County Pastors

The Cityward Mind of God: A Manifesto For City Transformation: Our call to become the spiritual stewards of our cities (37 pages, 2.7mb).

Americans Will Look For A Foxhole:   Preparing our congregations for the next national crisis (html).

50 Tips For The Christian Teacher: A 34-page outline of principles for effectively teaching God’s truth, supplemented by pages on the Greek and Hebrew alphabets, and a form for evaluating a teaching or preaching presentation (550k).

The Church’s Hairbrush:   Prophecy in the contemporary church (128k).

By Their Fruit:   Discerning between true and false prophecy (112k).


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