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Welcome to our audio message:
The True Spirit of Martyrdom

Updated Sep 8, 2006

We invite you to download these high quality mp3 audio files free of charge. Simply right-click on the track titles below, and “Save link as..” (Windows), or “Save link targe as...” (Mac). You may download the complete set and burn them to cdr, with no restrictions on reproducing the CD, so long as it is labeled as originating from <www.tmin.org>. If you burn the tracks in order and with 0 (zero) seconds pause between them, the complete message will flow together smoothly.

You may prefer to simply listen to these tracks online. You may do so with a normal (left) click on the track title you would like to hear.

1    Changing Meanings                               2:36       2.3mb

2    Terrorists and Softies                             4: 43      4.3mb

3    The False Spirit of Martyrdom
           12:36       11.5mb

4    The True Spirit of Martyrdom
             5:34       5.1mb

5    My Favorite Martyr                             22:39      20.6mb

6    Our Call To Martyrdom
                      12:12      11.1mb

7    The Risky Work of Living for Jesus
     2:03      1.6mb

8    The Safest Place                                      1:47      1.9mb

fire Excerpts:
The true spirit of martyrdom is the willingness to die for a purpose that is greater than that of simply “to die,” and to do so without harming others in the process.

during a time of crisis in WW II, Winston Churchill said, “the idea of martyrdom always intrigued me, but I’d always hoped the opportunity would be postponed.” ... the Lord is telling us that we can no longer postpone our call to the true spirit of martyrdom.

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