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Updated Feb 15, 2024

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We invite you to read our thoughts on topics related to eschatology. Most of these articles are posted as PDF (portable document format) files. To read them, you will need Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader.  

The Antichrist In The Proto-Evangel

This is an appendix to a larger work-in-progress, but we felt it was important to make this component available now. It appears that the Holy Spirit wished to make us aware of the cosmic battle between Christ and Antichrist, from the beginning.
Battling Babylons.
A little book on John’s vision of The Great Prostitute in Revelation 17.1 to 19.4; 68 pages (3Mb). This is for anyone wanting to understand the coming geo-political conflicts and the Church’s current struggle, this work provides a piece of the puzzle. The table of contents and Index of Scripture Citations are hyperlinked for easy navigation and study while reading on your computer.
The Beast At The Center Of The World.  
A treatise on how the prophets and apostles understood the End Time geography, explaining why the mark of the beast will never come to the Americas, 21 pages (1Mb).
The Book Of Revelation.  
What I most want my family and friends to know about the last book of the Bible, and what it teaches us about the future.
Harmony Of Apocalyptic Prophecy
A collation of Bible passages pertaining to the End Time, the Day of the Lord, and the New Heavens and New Earth. This document includes charts, diagrams, and an extensive index on eschatological topics.
Important Themes In The Apocalypse Part 1
Unedited audio and screen recording, in Spanish, of a discussion between Roderick Graciano and Pastor Carlos Samuel Martinez.
The Olivet Apocalypse
These 5 pages provide a harmony of Christ’s eschatological teaching in the Gospels.
The Restrainer
These 16 pages provide a biblical basis for the identity of the Restrainer in 2 Thessalonians 2.6-7.
The Seven Spirits Of God
62 pages about the "seven spirits" mentioned four times in the book of Revelation. This treatise explains why the seven spirits cannot be an abstraction of the one Holy Spirit, and offers insight on the possible role of the seven spirits in the final judgment.
A Student’s Companion To Mark 13
Roderick Graciano’s commentary on the Greek text of the Olivet Discourse as recorded in Mark 13.
A Student’s Companion To Zechariah 14
Roderick Graciano’s commentary on the Hebrew text of Zechariah 14.
The White Stone
Precious promises and insights from The Revelation of Jesus Christ course.


You may also be interested in perusing a work in progress, our Glossary of Eschatology Terms.

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