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Welcome to our audio message:
The Cityward Mind of God

Updated Feb 14, 2006

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1    A Free Download    00:53

2    The 80-20 Problem    04:13

3    The Missing Component In Our Mission    05:11

4    Paul’s Forgotten Strategy    04:52

5    The City Bookends Of The Bible    01:21

6    Mirror Jerusalems    04:39

7    City Transformation Defined    01:31

8    Cities Birth Culture    04:00

9    God Comes Down    02:46

10    The Forgotten Message Of Jonah    03:49

11    What We’ve Unwittingly Prayed For    02:43

12    Preparing For Our Destiny    05:31

13    If The Kingdom Came To My City...    01:32

14    Showing Society What The Churh Is For    02:53

fire Excerpt:
The Church, rather than the city, should be the greater cultural influence, at least for Christian families, but this is not the case. Historically the church has usually been more strongly influenced by the city, than the city by the church. Most professing Christians spend a few hours a week on the church premises and live the vast majority of their lives in the city (or absorbing the city’s culture in front of the TV). Whose cultural cadence will they march to?

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