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Welcome to our listing of
Audio and Video Recordings.

Updated Jul 16, 2018

We invite you to enjoy and share these recordings!

BCtoAD Thoughts On Genesis

BCtoAD Thoughts On Exodus

BCtoAD Thoughts On Ruth

BCtoAD Thoughts On Joshua-Judges

BCtoAD Thoughts On Jeremiah and Joel

BCtoAD Thoughts On Daniel

BCtoAD Thoughts On The Gospels

BCtoAD Thoughts On Acts

BCtoAD The Gospel In 1 Corinthians

BCtoAD Intro To The Book Of Revelation

BCtoAD Intro To The Desert Fathers

Book Of Revelation Audio
Audio from two different class locations for the Revelation study during 2015 and 2016.

A Christian Glossary
Defining Familiar Religious Terms. 2016 presentation at Parkland Foursquare Church.

The Father’s Gift To The Son
The explanation for everything.

GNT Acts 
Screen-and-audio recordings of our study sessions in the Greek New Testament.

HOT Isaiah 
Screen-and-audio recordings of our study sessions in the Hebrew Old Testament.

In And Out Of Babylon 
Audio recordings of our course on the book of Daniel.

In Pursuit Of Righteousness
What it really means to “Put on the Lord Jesus Christ.”

The Theology Of The Bride
A leaders’ discussion on the explanation for everything.

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