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Welcome to our articles on
Christian Apologetics.

Updated Apr 27, 2011


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We invite you to read our thoughts on diverse topics related to the Bible and spirituality. Most of these articles are posted as PDF (portable document format) files. To read them, you will need Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader. Please note: because these PDFs can be relatively large files, they may take up to several minutes to download, depending upon your modem speed.


Is Morality Relative?  Tabitha Thiemens draws arguments from an array of sources to shred the moral relativism of our day and point us to the only possible source of morality (9 pages, 658k).

Mountains of Evidence: UPDATED! Two great dramas that established the trustworthiness of the Bible (750k). We've added a diagram showing the distinction between proof and evidence, and between intelligent faith and blind faith.

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