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Welcome to documents for
Getting Started Learning Biblical Greek.

Updated Feb 21, 2019


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ALERT! Our Greek study for this year has concluded, and we are on our holiday break; Greek study resumes on January 12, 2019. Our Biblical Languages Fellowship normally meets every Saturday morning, from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM in Parkland, WA, at the building of Community Life Foursquare, at 612 113th St. S. 98444. Get there easily from the Pacific Ave exit of Hwy 512. Please check our main BLF page for changes in time or location!

All are welcome. Beginners will get to read from the Greek or Hebrew Bible on their first visit, using modern Greek or Israeli Hebrew pronunciation. No registration nor purchase of textbooks is required. All can learn at their own pace as we read and discuss the Scriptures together.

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Getting Started With Biblical Greek:
50 Steps For Learning Biblical Greek
This compilation of steps for learning biblical Greek is keyed to the A, B, and D sections of the syllabus posted below.

Section A: Greek Alphabet & Modern Pronunciation
This section has updated to the 2nd edition!

Section B: Greek Grammar Notes
This section has been updated; the 2nd edition is 76 pages.

Section C: Greek Texts
You can download a free copy of the Greek New Testament (in many different formats) here. We recommend printing pages at 124% size.

Section D: Greek Vocabulary
This all new, 38-page section will help you learn a beginning, biblical Greek vocabulary!

Section E: Glossary
A helpful glossary of words and phrases used in the study of
Greek and Hebrew. 18 pages.

Sección A: Alfabeto Griego y Pronunciacion Moderna
Materiales para los de habla español.

Sección B Gramática Griega
Materiales para los de habla español. Estamos en el proceso de traducir estas páginas al español
; las primeras páginas están listas.

Modern Greek Alphabet Song

Learn this little ditty to help you remember the Greek alphabet.

Greek Alphabet Practice Sheet
Use this sheet to practice writing the Greek alphabet (lower case). The blue arrows by the letters of the example alphabet show where to begin each stroke. The number of arrows indicate the number of strokes for drawing each letter.

Modern Greek Pronunciation Practice
A simple word for each letter of the alphabet! Use this sheet to practice making the sounds of Modern Greek.

Pronunciation Of The 24 Definite Articles
This audio clip provides the correct Modern pronunciation of the Articles.

Greek Definite Article Exercise
Use this simple work sheet to help you memorize the 24 forms of the Greek definite article.

The Greek Conjugations Chart
A color chart showing all the different verb inflections used in the Greek Scriptures, for both the Omega Conjugation and the MI Conjugation. This chart is designed for printing on an 11x17-inch sheet of paper. However, you can view the pdf file on screen and zoom in to see each inflection clearly.

Recommended Resources For Learning NT Greek
A short list of resources to help those wishing to learn NT Greek.

Cover Insert For Your View Binder
A single page to slip in the front cover of your view binder if you’d like.

GNT Message Prep Work Sheets
Work sheets to help students assemble the data and prepare an outline for a message based on the Greek New Testament.

You can join our weekly study online, in real time, every Saturday at 10 AM, using your computer or mobile defice. Email the administrator for further information.



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