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Updated Aug 5, 2005
    The Body
New! Web Log: Pierce Pastors’ Pensées

Dear Pastor: Timothy Ministries is endeavoring to map the unique emphases brought to Pierce County by each of our evangelical churches. While we all share the same Great Commission and the primary commitments of Evangelism, Edification, and Exaltation, we also complement one another’s ministries by the unique gifts and talents of our pastors and their congregations. It is with the goal of complementing one another’s work more effectively, that we are devolping this map. Our intent in listing your church on this “Ministry Emphasis Map” is to increase the links in our pastoral network and to promote your ministry in our county. If you feel that our representation of your church could be improved or if we have failed to include your church, please write to admin@tmin.org. We will gladly add  further information about your church to our listing; our only request is that you help us understand the strongest current emphasis in your ministry.

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