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Updated Jul 3, 2021


Pentecost Twist

The Pentecost Twist

by Roderick Graciano

We hope to publish this book soon. It is the first of a theological trilogy. It explores the effect of one’s interpretation of the Pentecost Event upon a variety of Christian doctrines.


Magic Baptism

Magic Baptism And The Invention Of Original Sin

by Roderick Graciano

A major contribution to the theology of baptism, this scholarly book for the layperson will answer long-held questions, not only about baptism, but also about how sinfulness passes from generation to generation. Read the PDF version and download the Logos® compatible version for FREE!


Alien Righteousness?

By Roderick Graciano

This is the third book of Rod’s theological trilogy. You can download it now! This book affirms that we are righteousness in Christ, but re-examines some common assumptions about how our justification works.

The Cast


By Jeff Reed

We highly recomend the poetry of Jeff Reed. When it comes to contemporary poetry that is theological, philosophical, pastoral, and culturally in-touch, Jeff is our poet laureate. His epic poems and poetry collections can be downloaded in various formats from his page at lulu.com.

The Cast

Polishing Our Hermeneutical Glasses

By Roderick Graciano

The need for disciplined and discerning interpretation of Scripture has never been greater. This book will help the Bible student learn the rules for interpreting the Scriptures with integrity and authority. En español.
Story Of Salvation

God's Salvation Story

By Sally Sternard

Enjoy the whole sweep of God’s redemptive story told in six pages! This little book is a great resource for helping people who are new to the Bible. It’s full of scripture references and extra notes for grasping the gospel! Sally Sternard is one of the directors of Timothy Ministries.


Grandpa’s Christian Catechism

By Roderick Graciano

A great resource for helping young students of any age learn the foundational truths of biblical faith. Download this catechism now and print it in booklet form. Enjoy!


The Book Of Revelation

By Roderick Graciano

Not a commentary, but a book about the fourteen truths that I most want my family and friends to know about the Book of Revelation. Download a Word.docx version (with minimal formatting) to add to your Logos® personal books.


The Seven Spirits Of God

By Roderick Graciano

A semi-technical explanation of the seven spirits of God mentioned in the book of Revelation. Download the PDF version of this important study if you plan to study, teach or preach the book of Revelation. Download a Word.docx version to add to your Logos® personal books.

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