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Welcome our library of documents
used in the
Pentateuch study.

Updated Dec 24, 2015

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The Bride



BC to AD: Bridal Theology Edition

Pentateuch: Genesis - Deuteronomy: 26 pages (13 pages if duplex printed), 1.3mb. This is the set of work sheets used in our class discussions.
Mountains of Evidence: A related article about two great dramas that established the trustworthiness of the Bible, 1mb.

Gardener’s Priority: A related article that explains an important saying of Jesus, 108k.

Making The Invisible Visible: An Introduction to The Distinctives of Hebraic Thought and Their Implications for Interpreting The Bible. 19 pages, 428k. This is a technical paper, but highly recommended.

Polishing Our Hermeneutical Glasses: 21 Principles For Interpreting The Bible.
35 pages, 433k. Highly recommended!

50 Tips for The Christian Teacher: Class notes for the elective teachers’ workshop sometimes presented in conjunction with BC to AD. 34 pages (17, double sided), 555k. Please e-mail the instructor if you are interested in the additional teachers’ workshop.

Class Schedule for BC to AD: Four pages, 32k, showing the topics we’ll be studying each week. Watch for the 2015 schedule update!

Recommended Books
Here are a few resources that the instructors have found helpful in their studies of the Pentateuch. Amazon links are provided for your convenience only; Timothy Ministries does not receive any commission on these items.

Ancient Records and the Structure of Genesis: A Case for Literary Unity
P. J. Wiseman, reprinted by Thomas Nelson in 1985. This book sheds important light on interpretive issues in Genesis. Now out of print, it sells on the web for $189. However, its earlier edition entitled New Discoveries In Babylonia About Genesis can be found for about $25.

The Blood Covenant
H. Clay Trumbull provides an exhaustive account of the meaning of blood rituals in eastern cultures. First published in 1893.

Creation out of Nothing: A Biblical, Philosophical, and Scientific Exploration.
Paul Copan and William Lane Craig, 2004. Everything you ever wanted to know about creatio ex nihilo but were afraid to ask. Highly technical.

Darwin’s God: Evolution and the Problem of Evil
Cornelius G. Hunter explains the philosophical issues underlying Darwinism. Published in 2002.

Darwin’s Proof: The Triumph of Religion over Science
Cornelius G. Hunter’s 2003 sequel to Darwin’s God. An online reviewer says: “...a critical and intelligent dissection of the scientific, philosophical, and theological weaknesses in Darwin's theory of evolution.”

Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms
Stanley J. Grenz, David Guretzki and Cherith Fee Nordling wrote this little book of huge value. Every BC2AD student should have this inexpensive book published in 1999!

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